Monday, December 5, 2011

@SayDhievine ♥ @cliquemates

Buat yg asli semarang atau yg lg di semarang bisa lhooo dateng ke offline store nya  ♥ karena  salah satu tenant di sana
Alamatnya Jl.Halmahera1no.16
Selain   ada koleksi super cute dari tenant lain juga, seperti Cliquemates, Blueberries,Ciss Handmade,Hana's Beau
Our collection in Cliquemates and Friends are Limited and we give a very special price ♥ for our special diva, and you can also find some collection that is not featured offline in this store 
So, We'll be seeing you girls soon ? right ?  


  1. your blog is super cute :D


  2. wow they really look awesome dear!! i hope i could go to semarang oneday and visit ur store <3 all the best for ur business :D

    follow me if you love to, and i’ll follow you back :)

  3. natalie : thanks natalie, i love ur blog as well :)
    pola : hi dearm u can always purchase it online, we'll post our new collection soon :)
    mitha : i've followed u dear..thanks for the lovely comment..